The Museum of the Macabre was conceived in early 2009 to provide historical education about the supernatural.  The project began as a way to display our unique collections and soon turned into a portal which revolutionized the field of public history.

The Museum of the Macabre serves as a model for online museum programming because:

  • The entire online platform was created at no cost. While other museums spend thousands creating online exhibitions, the Museum of the Macabre serves as a model for museums that have no budget for internet programming.
  • The subject matter is unique.  There are very few museums in the world which deal with death the afterlife, subjects which are rich in primary scholarship and can teach a great deal about past cultures. 
  • The site is open to visitors 24/7. While historic sites continue to reduce hours and rely upon guided tours, the Museum of the Macabre educates at any time of day and allows visitors to explore content according to their own interests and pace.  

Today the Museum of the Macabre educates 100s of daily visitors who actively participate in conversation and meaning-making about their objects.  Positive feedback and engagement with the site has convinced us to pursue a physical location to display our objects. 

Meet the Team

Our dedicated staff consists of developers and subject-matter experts.

Robert D. Fink

Founder & Developer

Developing Cultural Organizations & Websites Since Y2k

Gus the Ghost

Mascot & Resident Poltergeist

Playing the Muse
Everyone’s Favorite Spirit!

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